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But he laid out a vision for the future of college sports that puts fewer limitations on athletes and deemphasizes the role of a national governing body like the NCAA, which was founded 115 years ago and oversees more than 450,000 students who play sports. "When you have an environment like that, it just forces us to think more about what constraints should be put in place ever on college athletes," Emmert said. "And it should be the bare minimum." Emmert said the NCAA's more than 1,100 member schools should consider a less homogenous approach to the way sports are governed and reexamine the current three-division structure, which includes 355 Division I colleges. The NCAA's rules and regulations have long been criticized and court challenges have been mounting in recent years. "We need to be ready to say, 'Yeah, you know, for field hockey, field hockey is different than football. Wrestling is different than lacrosse,' and not get so hung up on having everything be the same," said Emmert, who was president of LSU and the University of Washington before taking the NCAA job in 2010. Sports serve different functions at different schools, Emmert said, and the NCAA needs to govern in a way that is more reflective of that. He added the NCAA should not shy away from the fact that a small percentage of athletes are using college sports as a path to professional sports. "We need to embrace that," he said. "And with NIL out there, we're providing other opportunities around this whole notion of using college sports as a career launching pad." As of July 1, the NCAA waived its longstanding rules prohibiting athletes from earning money off their fame for things such as online endorsements, sponsorship deals and personnel appearances. The move allowed athletes in states that did not have so-called name, image and likeness laws -- designed to usurp the NCAA's previous restrictions -- to capitalize similarly to those in states with NIL laws, such as Florida and Georgia. In states where there are no laws to set NIL guidelines, schools have been instructed to craft their own -- a dramatic change for the NCAA. College athletes have jumped into the new market with deals big and small. The Supreme Court ruling against the NCAA last month was also seen as a bombshell, a 9-0 decision upholding a lower court ruling in an antitrust case related to caps on compensation. Legal experts and college sports observers immediately wondered if the NCAA will look at other approaches as a result. The types of reforms to college sports governance and structure that Emmert is now advancing are not new.

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His solution is bundling digital subscriptions to all of the magazines into a $99-a-year Outside Plus subscription. Members get print subscriptions to Outside and another magazine of their choice, plus perks such as a mapping app, two books a year and reduced entry fees for athletic events. Thurston likens the model to Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and Netflix. “I felt like there was an opportunity to bring it all together under a single umbrella and really unify the experience for the consumer,” Thurston said. “When you combine the services like Gaia GPS, and the discounts to events, and you add in video-on-demand courses and all of the premium content, I felt like this was an offering for consumers that truly could be a foundation for their active lifestyle world.” Beyond magazines, Thurston’s acquisitions include book publisher VeloPress, Outside TV, Warren Miller ski films, the Fly Fishing Film Tour and even a company that takes finish-line photos at races. He hopes to develop feature films and documentaries, as well as short videos to engage younger people on TikTok or Snapchat. Outside already has a strong social media presence. Its Instagram account, with a million followers, posts a steady stream of content sponsored by companies like Adidas, Ford, Under Armour and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Thurston, an avid cyclist who also enjoys skiing and hiking, began assembling the company in 2019, when he bought Pocket Outdoor Media’s cluster of magazines, including Triathlete and VeloNews. In 2020, he bought another group of magazines, including Ski and Backpacker, from Active Interest Media. In November, Outside owner and editor in chief Larry Burke called out of the blue offering to sell the magazine. In a hedge fund’s bid for Tribune’s newspapers, a hidden risk lurks in the fine print Launched in 1977 by Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner, who sold it to Burke a year later, Outside has become celebrated for deeply reported features that spawned best-selling nonfiction books like “Into Thin Air” and “The Perfect Storm” and films like “Blue Crush.” It also features a steady mix of gear guides, fitness tips and where-to/how-to stories. But by late 2020, Outside appeared to be running on fumes. Outside Online acknowledged its financial struggles when it appealed to readers for donations, and Thurston said the magazine had furloughed a number of employees. It hadn’t paid some freelancers for nearly a year. In a March statement, Thurston pledged to be more prompt. “Earlier this week, following our acquisition of Outside magazine, we mailed checks to every freelancer with an overdue invoice,” he said. Thurston sees opportunity in Outside, and investors like his vision. He said he has raised $180 million in venture capital funding since 2019 for his media empire. With the combined publications, the company has grown to 475 employees. Thurston thinks it will be profitable within a year, and hopes to take the company public within three years.