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The airport’s $13-a-day economy parking lot has been closed since March 2020, and there’s no reopening date on the calendar. Another long-term lot, run by PreFlight Airport Parking, announced plans to shut down this month. That privately owned lot, at 4700 Island Ave., stopped accepting cars after July 14, according to its website, and was scheduled to close for good July 18. PreFlight’s parent company, Chicago-based InterPark, didn’t respond to requests for comment about its plans for the property. Zachary Young, of Camden County, said he’s been flying more often since he graduated from college recently — and first noticed in May that airport garages were getting full. His family often relied on the PreFlight lot. Now that PreFlight won’t be an option, he’s saving up for what he expects will be more expensive garage parking when he flies to visit relatives in August. Two nights of garage parking on another trip cost him almost $80, he said. “I don’t know how families or those simply traveling on more of a budget like myself can be expected to afford higher fares just for parking,” Young said. » READ MORE: American Airlines to trim about two flights a day at PHL in July Gary Cassidy, of Bensalem, travels for work two to three weeks each month. “I have been lucky to find a space every time, but it’s becoming more and more challenging,” he said. “It would just be nice to know” what the airport is planning as far as the economy lot goes, Cassidy said. “It would be very frustrating if I got to the airport, and they had no parking.” PHL spokesperson Florence Brown said that the airport is assessing its parking facilities, and that there’s “no estimated reopening date” for the economy lot, which has just over 7,100 parking spaces. Total passenger traffic at PHL was up more than fivefold in May compared with May 2020, according to the airport’s most recent monthly activity report. Yet while the summer travel season has been busy, particularly compared with the periods when passenger levels plummeted during the pandemic , airport officials are bracing for a slowdown later this year. “Given the outsized impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international and business travel, the airport anticipates a drop in passenger traffic for the fall and winter seasons, which will make scaling operations up and down particularly difficult,” Brown said. “The airport appreciates the public’s patience as it works through these challenges.” » READ MORE: American Airlines executives optimistic about a recovery at Philadelphia International Airport The airport’s nearly 11,000 garage spaces remain open, as do PHL’s short-term parking facility and its cellphone waiting lot.

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A cyclist at the edge of a low-traffic neighbourhood in Hackney, London Photograph: Graeme Robertson/The Guardian LTNs employ planters or other obstacles to make roads access-only to motor vehicles. Photograph: Graeme Robertson/The Guardian Last modified on Fri 23 Jul 2021 14.28 EDT Road injuries halved in low-traffic neighbourhoods installed during the coronavirus pandemic when compared against areas without the schemes, a new study has found. The improvement in safety is more than twice that created by 20mph urban speed limits. The research , which examined learn more here police data on casualties for 72 low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) put in place in London between March and September last year, also showed no apparent increase in danger on roads at their outer boundaries. The greatest reduction in injuries was among pedestrians and people in cars, with a modest effect at most for cyclists, according to the study, which was led by Dr Anna Goodman, a public health expert at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, with academics from Westminster University and Imperial College London. The extent of the apparent gains in safety marks a potentially significant moment in the debate over the use of LTNs, which are being introduced by many councils but have faced noisy opposition from some residents and parts of the media. A widely used idea in other countries, and existing on a lesser scale in some UK towns and cities for decades, LTNs are intended to encourage walking and cycling by disincentivising motor-vehicle use for shorter, local trips. This is done by making some streets fully permeable to people travelling on foot or bike, but access-only to motor vehicles – whether by using planters, bollards or, in some cases, CCTV cameras. While much of the debate has centred on whether the schemes discourage vehicle use or simply displace it to other streets – there is evidence that the former happens over time if schemes are sufficiently comprehensive – the safety gains in London appear striking. The report’s authors compared casualty data from October to December 2018 with the same period in 2019, and then the same months during 2020 after the schemes were installed. Once the LTNs were in place, injuries fell to a ratio of 0.51 to 1 in comparison with the rest of London during the same period. In contrast, there was no observable reduction, as against the rest of the city, in injuries from 2018 to 2019 within the future LTN areas. The authors said this strengthened the case for the LTNs being the cause of the safety improvement. The data also showed no observable change in injury numbers on boundary roads, defined as injuries taking place less than 25 metres from a road surrounding a scheme. The number of road users killed or seriously injured inside LTNs also halved, although the authors emphasised that the dataset for this was notably smaller. Goodman said that with an earlier study of a single, longer-standing LTN having found a substantial safety benefit for cyclists as well, it would be important to re-examine the issue once the schemes had been in place for more time. Even so, Goodman said, the reduction in injuries was “a really impressive effect”.